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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Niels K.B. Dahl
Founder & CEO

Experience taylormade design

Taylormade products to your loved ones to help them live the life they deserve

protect your valued

A car needs maintenance, and so does your employees. We help you take care of your most valued asset, so they last for a long time 

ease of use

Skip the setup. Unlike a robot, the tool needs no programming nor setup to help you with everything from basic tasks like picking up a fork, to advanced heavy tasks like carrying heavy machinery

Help your employees

It has never been easier to help your valued ones

Meet the team

Niels K. B. Dahl


With a background in mechanical engineering Niels founded the company with a dream of developing advanced solutions to help individuals. Niels is the backbone of the company and makes sure we all work towards a common goal.

Henrik K. B. Dahl

Customer relations

Have you ever talked to Henrik? No? You should try it! Henrik has, like Niels a background in mechanical engineering, and specializes in explaining the advanced solution to anyone interested.

Helene F. Lindgaard

Market research & brand

You may not have talked to Henrik yet, but Helene sure already knows who you are, and what you need. Helene has a background in sociology. from the University of Copenhagen. 

Jonas S. Müller

Finance, IT, Accounting & business management

Have you ever tried asking your IT guy for financial support? Nope? This was a first for us too. Jonas has a background in Computer science from the University of Copenhagen, and comes with experience from other startups.